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3rd Party Software Dependencies

SQL Frames Library

SQL Frames leverages many 3rd party libraries to provide rich functionality of data transformation, visualization and intelligence. Some of the components are mandatory while others are optional. Both mandatory and optional components can be bundled natively or loaded at runtime (either via pre-bundling or from a CDN). Some optional components can also be loaded on-demand when the user performs an action that requires the dependency.

Below is the list of software and links to their repositories.

SoftwareLicenseUsed Forrepl-appnode
requirejsMITTo dynamically load optional libraries if they are not pre-bundledRequiredN/A
node-fetchMITTo load data from urlN/Ainject
date-fnsMITDate handlingRequiredRequired
papaparseMITimport/export csv filesRequiredinject
ExcelJSMITimport/export xlsx filesOptional, Dynamicinject
acornMITValidate JavaScript based calculated fieldsOptional, Dynamicinject
lunrMITFull Text SearchOptional, Dynamicinject
ssr - server side rendering
echartsApache 2.0ChartsRequiredinject
DOMPurifyApache 2.0 / MPL 2.0HTML Sanitization of data for better securityRequiredinject
EtaMITCustom table cell renderer templatesOptionalinject
katexMITTo support katex markupOptional, DynamicTBD
markedMITTo support markdownOptional, DynamicTBD
preactMITUI (Rendering)RequiredN/A
TagifyMITUI (Choice list)RequiedN/A
interactjsMITUI (Drag & Drop)RequiredN/A
@floating-ui/domMITTo ensure dropdowns work correctlyRequired, DynamicN/A
monaco-editorMITREPL editor & Calculated fields editor
  • Required for REPL and Calculated fields authoring
  • Optional, Dynamic otherwise
  • N/A
    cytoscape.jsMITDependency Graph in DataFrame ExplorerOptional, DynamicN/A
    highlight.jsBSD 3-ClauseHighlight SQLOptional, DynamicN/A

    Following CSS dependencies are required for the SQL Frames UI

    Following dependencies are required only as part of License key validation


    SQL Frames Designer

    Following dependencies are needed for SQL Frames Designer on top of the dependencies for the SQL Frames library.

    SoftwareLicenseUsed Fordesign-timerun-time
    React-Grid-LyoutMITUI (Dashboards)RequiredRequired

    SQL Frames Sheets BI

    Following dependencies are needed for Sheets BI

    SoftwareLicenseUsed For

    Last Updated: Nov 14, 2023