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SQL Frames

DataFrames meet SQL, in the Browser

Low-code API

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SQL Frames lets you use SQL constructs based low-code API to compose complex DataFrame logic in JavaScript. The built-in in-memory analytics engine performs all data transformations right within the browser. Create powerful data apps with smooth UX for end users to explore data with milli-seconds latency. Reduce your cloud database costs by offloading compute to the end user's browser.

No-code Designer

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SQL Frames Designer makes it easy to create compelling business analytics in minutes, no technical chops required. It allows non-technical users to use a simple drag-and-drop based WYSIWYG UI to create advanced charts, pivot tables, KPIs, dashboards and workbooks to explore data with ease and gain better business insights.

Business Intelligence App

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Sheets BI app lets you analyze Google Sheets, Excel and CSV files on Google Drive, public datasets and local files. Maintain your system of record for ad-hoc and evolving processes within spreadsheets and use Sheets BI for analyzing all that data. Easily run what-if analysis by using your locally modified data on the same dashboard setup to process remote data.