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Field Views


This is a work in progress feature and the API may change to improve the feature set.

When looking at a report like total revenue by region, it is common to also want to know what percent of the revenue is contributed by each region. One option is to have both the revenue and the percentage fields. However, if space is constrained or there are many more such related data of the revenue such as rank, percentile and so on, it is simply not possible to have them all crammed in the same space. Added to it, computing these may be expensive and unless the user is interested in a specific metric, pre-computing all of them is a waste.

Field views is a feature designed to exactly solve the above problems. It is possible to define one or more views for a field and let the user toggle between them when viewing a report. Further, these values are computed on demand, i.e., as the user toggles to a particular field view instead of pre-computing them along with the DataFrame.

Below is an example. Simply open the context menu on the Revenue header and select a view from View as submenu.


Pivot table field views

Below is an example of field views within a pivot table