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Canned Searches

It is possible to define several pre-defined searches so the user can toggle between them as needed. This can be done using the API df.addSearch().

Use the Organize menu below to see a list of "Searches" to toggle.


Order By

Note that a canned search can define both the search criteria and the sort order. The later is optional. In the above example, the Online Orders search is sorted by Order Date in descending order.


The searches can be defined on any DataFrame. These searches are shared among all the filtered DataFrames (df.fdf()) created from the base df that has the canned searches defined. Note that it is also possible to define canned searches directly on the filtered DataFrame itself. When this is done, they override the inherited searches (this behavior may change where instead of overriding they may be augmented).

Canned Field Filters

Apart from the standard search operators such as equals to, between and others, SQL Frames provides pre-canned filter operators for certain field types. This allows users to quickly filter data without having to enter values.

A canned field filter is created using the cfilter() API which takes a filter identifier as the first parameter and a field as second parameter.


Below is the list of canned field filters that are currently supported.

canned filter iddescriptiondata types
ldYesterdaydate, date time
dTodaydate, date time
ndTomorrowdate, date time
lwLast weekdate, date time
wThis weekdate, date time
nwNext weekdate, date time
lmLast monthdate, date time
mThis monthdate, date time
nmNext monthdate, date time
lqLast quarterdate, date time
qThis quarterdate, date time
nqNext quarterdate, date time
lyLast yeardate, date time
yThis yeardate, date time
nyNext yeardate, date time

Canned field filters can be combined with NOT operator