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Single Series Charts

Bar chart

Bar chart is suitable when a value data series needs to be plotted against a category data series. The bars can be vertical or horizontal and is derived automatically by whether the category series is passed as x-axis series or y-axis series.


Right click (context menu action) to view the underlying data of any of the data points in the chart.

Line chart

Line chart is suitable when plotting time series data. Step chart is a variation of the line chart.


Area chart

Area chart is similar to the line chart with the area below the line filled with color. Band chart is a variation of the area chart where a value data series can be plotted along the high and low values within which it occurs.


Pie chart

Pie chart, like bar chart is suitable to plot a value data series against a category data series. Donut chart is a variation of the Pie chart.


Scatter plot

Scatter plots are suitable for plotting two value data series to understand their correlation.


Box plot

Box plot is suitable to understand the data distribution along with the outliers.


Radar chart

Coding Style

The run API of the chart instance just provides a mechanism to fine tune a series of configurations. An alternative way of writing the code would be to first assign the chart to a variable, and perform configurations and then return it which could be tedious.