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Charting DataFrames

SQL Frames comes with built-in charting capability. This capability is added via the default chart plugin accessible as df.chart. The charts API is designed to be simple to use with zero configuration but with the ability to customize several aspects of the charts if desired.

Apache ECharts is the charting library used by SQL Frames.

Data Series

A chart is created using one or more data series. Any field of a SQL Frames DataFrame can be a data series. While the fields can be any of the several data types within SQL Frames a data series in the chart is broadly classified to be one of the following types

  1. value
  2. time
  3. category

These types are used to automatically configure the chart.

Most charts have the following generic API


Single series can be passed as a value while multiple series can be passed as an array.


The charts API is currently not supported for Pivot and Hierarchical Pivot DataFrames.