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Below are some of the key features of the integrated charts API.

By ECharts

Following features provided by ECharts are used by SQL Frames

  • Multiple chart types (combo charts)
  • Single and multi-series
  • Multi-axis
  • Brush linking
  • Canvas or SVG rendering
  • Responsive UI
  • Darkmode
  • Animation & Bar chart racing

By SQL Frames

Following are additional features built by SQL Frames for improved multi-dimensional visualization and low code experience. ECharts provides several low-level API that make all the following features possible.

  • Static Grid layout
  • Dynamic Grid layout (Trellis charts)
  • Hierarchical Charts
  • Hierarchical Data Charts
  • Sparkline charts within DataFrames
  • Interaction between chart and the SQL Frames DataFrame
  • Drillpath, the ability to drill-down along an arbitrary path of dimensions
  • Generalized bar chart racing based on drillpath
  • Reactive & Responsive Charts
  • Scorecard Charts

Brush Linking

A DataFrame contains several records and each record contains several fields. Each field represents a data series. Brush linking is a technique that allows selecting data points from one or more series and highlight the data points of other data series belonging to the same rows. This is an advanced visualization technique that helps with data exploration and pattern detection. SQL Frames supports this feature for Multi-series and Static grid charts.