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Launch the app and then use the Setup from the menu to specify

  1. Google OAuth Client ID.

If you are using Sheets BI desktop edition, you can create your own Google OAuth Client ID. If you are working in a corporate setting with Google Workspaces, you can ask your IT admin to create a single Google OAuth Client ID that can be shared with all employees for their setup.

OAuth 2.0 Setup

For steps to setup OAuth 2.0 with Google, to enable sign-in into your Sheets BI installation, follow Setting up OAuth 2.0.

  1. SQL Frames Library. The default value is

  2. SQL Frames Designer Library. The default value is


There is no need to change the libraries unless to use a different CDN or use a different version of the library.

SQL Frames License

SQL Frames library requires a license that is tied to a domain. The Sheets BI desktop runs on localhost. Hence, a localhost licene key is made avaiable for free with this app. The key needs to be periodically updated and it is automatically downloaded by the app from here