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Sheets BI uses a database to store the users, teams and workbooks. In the desktop edition, a SQLite database is automatically created and maintained.

Data Sources

The source data of your reports and dashboards are not saved. They are instead directly streamed into the browser based on the provided data source URLs when authoring the workbook.

Schema Sync

The application database schema is automatically created the very first time. Subsequent upgrades may require db sync. This is also automatically handled by the app.


It is highly recommended that you periodically take a backup of the database, especially prior to upgrades. This can be done by invoking Back up menu and selecting a file to create the backup.


Hope you don't need to ever restore, but if you do, contact us on how to do it.

WIP: Automation

Based on usage patterns and end user feedback, db backup and recovery process may be more streamlined and automated in the feature.