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SQL Frames Runtime Library (simply referred as SQL Frames), available as @sqlframes/repl-app, allows creating in-browser embedded analytics applications using low-code API and create innovative solutions to provide Excel-like UX to the end users. This is suitable for SAAS companies and internal productivity and tools development teams who have developers that can put together a well integrated solution into their existing web applications.

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The user interface can be completely customized to meet the branding requirements. The low-code API offers the ultimate flexibility to make the final experience seamlessly integrated into the application. It is UI framework agnostic and can be integrated with web apps written using React, Vue, AngularJS and others.

This library is already being used in production by our customers.

Live Docs

The online docs is filled with live examples using the low-code API to get a sense of the UX (user experience) and also DX (developer experience).