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Type Conversions

The incoming data may contain a numeric field for an ID Field but it is likely a string field. Or a field has both normal string as well as HTML string and it needs to be treated as HTML. Or a number field actually represents a year. SQL Frames provides the ability to convert the data types of fields. These conversions happen in-place replacing the original values.

It is possible to add type conversions that get invoked while computing the DataFrame by using the following API available in df.wrangle.convert object.

Below are the list of type converters.

Converter NameComments
tostring(field)converts any value to a string
tofloat(field)converts a string or integer value to a Number type
tointeger(field)converts string or numeric values to Number type with 0 decimals
todate(field,format)converts a string to a Date type without time component
todatetime(field,format)converts a string to a Date type with date and time components
toyear(field)converts a date or number value to a Year type
tomonth(field)converts a date to a Month type
toquarter(field)converts a date to a Quarter type
tourl(field)converts a string value to a URL type
tohtml(field)converts a string to a HTML type
toarray(field,separator=',',elementTypeConverter?)converts a string into an Array

SQL Frames uses the date-fns library. Refer to date-fns parse API docs for the format specification related to the todate and todatetime APIs.

Converting to HTML

Some data such as product feeds can contain HTML in some fields. They are by default recognized as string fields resulting in displaying the markup in the DataFrame tables rather than showing them as HTML. It is possible to convert them to HTML data type and get displayed as HTML.

Security considerations

HTML fields are sanitized using DOMPurify to prevent XSS attacks.