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Introduction to SQL Frames

SQL Frames is a radically new analytics platform that makes it possible to create slick and highly responsive analytic applications that delight end users and improve user productivity and data engagement so they are able to derive meaningful insights to drive the business.

SQL Frames is able to offer the ideal UX to interact with data in the browser because

  1. In-browser analytics engine - the power of a fully functional analytics database engine is brought right into the browser so some computations happen right within the browser avoiding round-trip to the server.
  2. Integrated UI - the database engine is coupled with a series of enterprise grade Web components such as pivot table that are purpose built ground-up to provide seamless UX and flexible no-code data exploration capabilities for end users.
  3. Integrated Charting - users can visualize their data using various types of charts some of which are only available in expensive analytics products such as Tableau and Power BI (trellis charts a.k.a small multiples for example). The UI and Charts are also well integrated so the user can seamlessly use either to explore data.

SQL Frames provides a low-code API to rapidly develop analytics applications. Once the senior architects work out the backend data pipelines and provide the REST API to stream data as CSV/JSON, junior engineers and even citizen developers can easily put together fully functional dashboards. All the data transformations are performed using API that is modeled after familiar SQL constructs making it easy for technical business analysts to put together their stories within minutes instead of days.

Our clients are able to delight their end users (be it internal or customers) and able to rapidly innovate while also reducing TCO of sophisticated analytics applications.

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If any or all of UX, time to deliver and lower TCO of analytics applications are important to you, then let's discuss how SQL Frames product and the team behind it can assist you.

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