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Full Text Search in DataFrames

SQL Frames supports searching data using text. It is possible to search for multiple words and use boolean operators like AND and OR. But it is much more powerful than that. It supports the following

  1. Text search operator can be combined with other filter conditions in the WHERE clause.
  2. It is possible to do text search on only a subset of the fields.
  3. It is even possible to do text search on multiple tables when joining them.

SQL Frames provides the ability to do full text search using Lunr.

  • There are several text search engines available each with different characteristics. For example, some are extremely fast to index while some have better relevance. Lunr was selected primarily for its better user experience of constructing the search query.

  • The text search framework is built such that it can be replaced with other search engines. In the future it may allow configuring which search framework to use.