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DataFrame Summaries

SQL Frames allows presenting raw data hierarchically by specifying one or more grouping fields. This results in creating the groupings and then organizing them as a hierarchy with leaf nodes having the actual data rows and the intermediate nodes capturing the grouping levels. Using the formatting plugin it is possible to augment these intermediate rows with summary information. The summary information details are provided using the same aggregate functions that are used to when creating a GROUP BY or PIVOT DataFrames.

Two types of rendering is provided for summary rows which are described below.

Summary Values

In this type of rendering, each field of the underlying table can provide one specific aggregation and the corresonding aggregated values are shown in the cells of the intermediate rows.


Summary Tags

When displayed as summary values as described above, it is possible to show only one summary of a field. What if more than one summary of a field is required? Such as displaying both the sum and average of a field? This can be achieved with Summary Tags where the summary information is displayed as a bunch of tags and not aligned with the underlying field columns.


Summary Rows

SQL Frames supports the ability to have summaries as rows using the summary rows feature in advanced reporting.