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Users of Sheets BI can only sign-in to the application using their corporate Google account. The application needs to enable Sign-In with Google (see desktop app installation or server installation).

Local users on desktop app

The desktop app doesn't require Sign-in with Google. It is possible to create a local user. However, this means only local files and public URLs can be used as data sources and not Google Sheets or Google Drive.

User Management

The admin users have a Users menu in the application from where they can manage users. They can

  1. activate or inactivate a user
  2. assign system user roles to users

System User Roles

At the system level, each user is assigned a role. It is one of the following

  1. admin - these users can administrate the system. In addition they have all the privileges of a manager.
  2. manager - these users can create and manage teams. They can only manage teams which they belong to with an admin role (team member role is different from system user role). In addition, they can do everything an editor can do.
  3. editor - these users can create and edit workbooks. They can only edit workbooks that are shared with them with a role of admin or editor (workbook access role is different from system role). In addition, they can do everything a viewer can do.
  4. viewer - these users can view workbooks shared with them and do ad-hoc data analysis within the shared workbooks.
Access to the files on Google Sheets & Google Drive

The access is only limited to the teams and workbooks. Access to the files on Google Sheets & Drives is still controlled by those applications and they are strictly enforced for a enterprise secure BI application.

It is possible to have more than one admin user and is highly recommended to have multiple admin users for continuous service delivery.

Default Admin user

The first user to sign-in into the application using Google OAuth is setup as an administrator. For desktop app using only local users, there is no admin user created. The local user is created with editor role and will only be able to create workbooks.