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Sheets BI allows creation of teams. A team is a group of users. The advantage of having teams is that it is possible to manage workbook access by teams instead of users. This simplifies the sharing of data workbooks. Rather than assigning the workbook to each user in a team, it is possible to assign it directly to the team. Any user that is added to a team automatically gets the appropriate access to the workbooks shared to the team.

Sharing on Google Sheets and Google Drive

Sharing using teams is only applicable to workbooks created within Sheets BI. Sharing of documents on Google Sheets & Google Drive is still controlled by those applications.

Team Members

While any one can view all the teams, only members of a team can view other members of the team and the workbooks assigned to the team. Each member of the team can have one of the following team roles.

  1. admin - they can manage team members and their roles in the team. In addition they have all the privileges of an editor.
  2. editor - they can edit any workbooks shared with the team with edit privileges. In addition they have all the privileges of a viewer.
  3. viewer - they can view any workbook shared with the team and do ad-hoc data analysis within the shared workbooks.

Each user has a system role (refer to users). Only users who have admin or manager system role are eligible to create teams.