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Sheets BI

Problem Many BI solutions out there are very complex for business users to make use of or very expensive. Often, IT becomes the bottleneck as every requirement has to be implemented in the backend requiring data architects and operations teams to develop and deploy the changes.

Most business users have to grapple with many business applications to get their work done. It is common for users and their teams to download data and work with it in Excel. In case of startups and high-growth companies, they may not even have all the necessary business applications as their processes are still evolving and hence spreadsheets become their system of record for some of their processes.

Solution Sheets BI is an end user friendly self-service BI application. It uses Google Sheets and Google Drive as the primary data source. With Sheets BI it is possible to streamline self-service data analysis where teams can securely collaborate with data and still be able to move fast with end user friendly UX to create powerful reports and dashboards. Sheets BI uses SQL Frames, an in-memory data analytics platform right within the browser making it possible to have sub-second latency interactions while exploring the data. This improves productivity for users and help them gain better insights from their data.

While it is possible to use Google Sheets for data analysis, Sheets BI provides several benefits.

  1. Better UX
  2. Combine data from multiple spreadsheets and csv files
  3. Decouple data entry and data analysis
    1. Improved data security - Provide read-only access to the data so only a few people manage the data and yet allow everyone to analyze the data
    2. Better performance and reduced storage - Analysis is performed right within the browser and no additional computation and storage is needed during data entry.