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· 5 min read

My son got selected into ACSL finals which happened on 29th May. During the year he managed to get 40 on 40 which I think is awesome. He gave his best for finals as well but didn't manage to get any of the medals. While he was a bit disappointed, I personally think he did great. But is it me the dad saying this or is there some objectivity to this thinking? The good thing is ACSL finals data is publicly available and that immediately got me into thinking about doing some analysis. Here are my findings for the 2020-2021 Junior division.

· 3 min read

In a world that is increasingly generating and consuming data, it should be easy for anyone to tinker with the data they have access to and gain better insights. Yet, most existing data analytics tools are not easy to use, or require complex multi-tier technologies that are only understood by the tech savvy or simply too expensive. All of this causes the information divide, those that know how to use complex and/or expensive tools to extract value out of the data and those who don't.