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· 6 min read

Last year Chartio came up with the idea of Visual SQL Editor which is great. It is great for people who are creating the charts. When I stared on the journey of SQL Frames last year, while I liked what Chartio has done, I felt something was missing. Especially if you look at the licensing of most BI products, which say 5 creators and unlimited viewers or something along those lines, what's missing becomes a bit more obvious. It is that the Visual SQL Editor only caters to those 5 creators (and may be a few more) but not the plenty of end users consuming those charts and dashboards.

So, what can be done to all those users? This has been a quest for SQL Frames and I think the answer may be what I call as DataFrame Explorer™.

· 5 min read

One of the best things about JAMSTACK is that it is possible to provide searching the entire site with the search processing done entirely on the client. This is a big deal as there is no need for expensive servers to drive the search and more importantly it provides milliseconds latency for the users so they love to stay on the website for longer and explore.

Text search is an important part of data analysis and being able to do it entirely on the client is possible by projects like lunr. SQL Frames has integrated text search (thank you lunr). Use cases with examples are discussed below.

· 3 min read

One of the design goals of SQL Frames is to make integrated UI components that are able to leverage the underlying DataFrame data model. Charts is considered as a key UI component for visualizing the data stored in the DataFrames. While evaluating to pick the right charting library one clearly stood out. It is Apache ECharts.

· 3 min read

SQL Frames has several types of DataFrames that neatly fit into a class hierarchy as expressed in TypeScript. One of the goals of SQL Frames, which makes it different from current Python Pandas, is an integrated user interface to all the different DataFrames. There are two main reasons for this.

· 3 min read

I will be posting a series of Thank you <techstack-component> posts to thank some of the important technologies used in building SQL Frames starting with this one about TypeScript.

Building a major framework with the goal to make it easy to use, by as many as possible and to solve as many use cases as possible, the choice of the programming language can potentially make a huge difference. SQL Frames gladly embraced TypeScript. As this was done mid-way after several thousands of lines of code, it was not a trivial effort. However, it did pay off well.