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· 3 min read

The success of any software depends partly on its documentation. A good documentation can make or break a great software because people need to know how to use it and in case of a developer facing software, it needs examples and properly documented API. SQL Frames uses TypeScript and a nice API documentation can be generated using the TYPE DOC system. However, to show case all the features and provide a low-code software documentation experience, it needed a good documentation framework. In addition, as SQL Frames runs within the browser, a key requirement is to be able to author documentation with inline live examples.

· 3 min read

Building an enterprise grade software requires high level of quality assurance. For quality to increase, it first needs to be measured. In the very early stages of SQL Frames development, the focus was just building and more building of features with a few random code snippets thrown here and there to occasionally make sure nothing is broken. But as the project moved past the simple viable idea to a real project, there was a need to uphold the quality as even more features were being added. After carefully searching for testing frameworks for JavaScript, I have decided to go with JEST.