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· 6 min read

Last year Chartio came up with the idea of Visual SQL Editor which is great. It is great for people who are creating the charts. When I stared on the journey of SQL Frames last year, while I liked what Chartio has done, I felt something was missing. Especially if you look at the licensing of most BI products, which say 5 creators and unlimited viewers or something along those lines, what's missing becomes a bit more obvious. It is that the Visual SQL Editor only caters to those 5 creators (and may be a few more) but not the plenty of end users consuming those charts and dashboards.

So, what can be done to all those users? This has been a quest for SQL Frames and I think the answer may be what I call as DataFrame Explorer™.

· 3 min read

Most data analysis workflows involve a) exploring data with ad-hoc reports b) identifying key metrics and trends c) creating dashboards consolidating important metrics and repeating the process.

Dashboards offer rich interactivity that single reports cannot and benefit the end users of the dashboards. But don't ad-hoc reports created during the data exploration stage also need dashboards for the same level of interaction? The problem with most analytics tools is that building dashboard is a ceremonial action that involves creating a new dashboard entity, giving it a name, determining the layout and then adding reports one by one and reordering with drag-n-drop all making it a lengthy process. Is there some way to make it extremely easy to create dashboards for ad-hoc reports as well with out all that extra baggage? The answer is yes, and I call it ad-hoc dashboards that are perfect in a low-code environment.