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· 4 min read

Great customer experience (CX) is important for the success of any business. However, understanding the customer experience is hard and being able to quantitatively measure is even harder. Some of the reasons for this are

  1. Multiple channels - customers may interact across multiple channels of engagement
  2. Multiple systems - the sales information may be in Salesforce, service information might be in Zendesk or ServiceNow and financial information in Oracle Financials or SAP.
  3. Data Quality - Same account may have multiple records in the system for various reasons
  4. Data Staleness - The data that is being viewed by the agent at the time of interacting with the customer may not be the latest information.
  5. Data Volume - Unlike some business metrics that are only tracked for a few years, customer 360 needs to operate based on data that may be years and even decades old.

SQL Frames provides solutions to most of these problems to create a top class realtime Customer 360 dashboard to understand the customer.