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Fixed slicers while scrolling

· 2 min read

Interactive dashboards often come with slicers that provide the ability to visualize the same dashboard by slicing the data. However, many dashboards and BI tools don't have a way to keep the slicers fixed (or floating) at the top so that as the user scrolls down the dashboard (or a large data table) the slicers are always visible. This results in a poor UX forcing the user to go up and down as they want to slice and visualize the charts and reports that are well below the page fold.

SQL Frames provides a no-code UI that puts the end user in control of having the slicers fixed at the top or bottom of the page. This allows the user to scroll to any chart or data grid on the page and then start using the slicers that are readily accessible. Here is an example of such a UX.

In the slicers bar below, see the button with at the end. Clicking this will float the slicers menubar to look like a page navbar floating it to the top of the page. User can close it by clicking the x button bringing the slicers to the initial position.


Let's create some charts and reports below that requires the user to scroll-down.


Pivot table with slicers

Variable Height Sections

If the slicers results in creating varying height sections, then the page may shrink and expand making it difficult to stay focused on a specific chart or report. Hence, it is usually a good idea to have fixed height for the different sections on the page independent of the data.